Legacy of War, Southern Lebanon

Writer Billy Briggs and I travelled to Lebanon with the NGO Mines Advisory Group (MAG) to document their work as well as the continuing human suffering following the July 2006 War between Israel and Hezbollah. Since the ceasefire hundreds of innocent people have been killed or injured by unexploded cluster bombs.

Rasha Zayoun 17 from Marrakeh village near Tyr. Rasha was cleaning a sack of thyme when when the hidden cluster bomb exploded destroying her leg below the knee and leaving shrapnel embedded throughout her body.

In the village of Zawter West, Waideh, we met the parents of Ali Khaleed Turkieh who died the day after the ceasefire. Waideh is holding the ribbon from the cluster bomb that killed their son.

We also met, Mahmoud Hussein Balmas 8, who lost the sight in his right eye. He was throwing stones at a cluster bomb when it exploded.